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Mosom Plus Car
Cover by Coverking

  • Rugged All Weather Protection
  • Clean, durable, custom laser fit
  • Custom mirror and antenna pockets
  • Made with breathable material for release of moisture
  • Designed with fewest seams to prevent leakage
  • Good protection for all moderate to high weather conditions
  • 5 layer fabric to provide comprehensive protection against all elements
  • Soft inner fleece lining
  • Highest level of UV protection and water resistance

Mosom Plus Car Cover


Mosom Plus is designed to protect your vehicle in rain, light hail and snowy conditions. It is the only multi-layered, non-woven car cover available and is extremely durable. The Mosom Plus car cover is designed to have the least number of seams to prevent water leakage. Fabrics are double stitched with wax-treated threads for maximum protection against leaks. The Mosom Plus car cover has a top polyester layer which acts as a UV inhibitor to protect your car from the damaging rays sunlight. The highly breathable inner layers of polypropylene and polyester provide water resistant properties for the cover. The innermost layer of polyester felt embraces your vehicle's finish with a soft touch. With superb UV resistance, breathability, and water resistant features, the Mosom Plus car cover is an ideal choice for moderate and rainy weather climates.