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AutoSeatSkins - Authorized Katzkin Leather Dealer

Katzkin Leather Upholstery Kits are custom manufactured to your specifications and ship from their factory in California. Our leather upholstery patterns are for the complete auto interior and include replacement upholstery pieces for all of the seating, including armrest, headrest and door panel pieces that are applicable to your specific vehicle pattern. Ordered and Installed correctly, our Katzkin leather interior upholstery kits will look, fit, and feel as good as or better than a factory leather interior!

Katzkin Premium Leather


Katzkin premium leather seat kit is available in 60 colors, each designed to match original factory interior colors perfectly,across all makes and models.

Katzkin Tuscany Leather


The softest and most supple leather ever offered for automotive use. Katzkin offers this upgrade in several popular colors.

Katzkin Barracuda Colors


A truly innovative look and feel, featuring seat leather perforated with square holes to reveal a contrasting underside color for a look that’s uniquely attractive and comfortable. We offer our Barracuda style in nine different view-thru colors.

Katzkin Outlaw Colors


The Old West comes alive in your new car! Inspired by old world craftsmanship, our tooled leather is available as a subtle accent in any of our patterns.

Katzkin Exotics Colors


This unique collection of synthetic materials and embossed premium leather material takes you off the road most traveled - from Carbon Fibers to Animal Prints.

Katzkin Suedezkin Colors


The perfect complement to your supple leather interior, Suedezkin adds a touch of texture and defining contrast. This durable synthetic suede is available in 10 accent colors.

Katzkin XT Colors

Katzkin XT

Wherever you take it, Katzkin XT can take it. Twice as durable, and thicker than Katzkin's Premium leather and vinyl, XT provides extreme durability for the most extreme conditions. Water resistant, scuff resistant, even kid resistant, it’s their toughest ever - available in three colors

Replacing your original factory-installed cloth seats with a custom designed leather interior from and Katzkin will change the look, feel and even the resale value of your vehicle. Katzkin interiors are NOT ill-fitting slip covers. They are specifically designed and handcrafted to completely replace your car or truck's original cloth seats with a professionally-installed, upholstered custom leather interior.
AutoSeatSkins is an Authorized Katzkin Dealer


Are these replacement SEATS?

We do not sell the actual car seats. sells replacement leather upholstery by Katzkin for your existing factory seats. These are not slip covers either. They replace the cloth or leather and professional installation is highly recommended.

Can I buy the cover for just one seat?

We don't sell just one seat or one row (unless we are helping you repair a kit that you purchased from us. sells complete interior kits, no exceptions. Each kit contains as many rows as your vehicle has and matching material for things like door panels where applicable.

Can you mix and match rows from different vehicles?


Even if I only took one row out of a car and stuck it in another car?

Still Nope.

How long will it take to get my upholstery kit from Katzkin and

Your kit ships directly from Katzkin's factory within 3 business days from the time you place your order via UPS Ground and you should receive it in roughly 8-10 business days within the Continental United States.

Can I install this Katzkin Leather Kit myself?

Many of our customers do, but you know how handy you are more than we do. If you do not have automotive upholstery experience we highly recommend professional installation of all of our kits by your local Auto Upholstery Shop.

If you need help finding one, we can locate a shop for you using your zip code after you have made your purchase with us. If you decide to install the kit yourself, it requires removing the seats completely from the vehicle and disassembling them on a bench in order to remove the original upholstery. Then reassembly of the new upholstery to the seat cushions. The installation in most cases may also require specialty tools such as hog ring pliers, hog rings and spray adhesive. We carry installation accessories for the do-it-yourselfer.

How can I be sure of the right color for my vehicle?

After you place your order we can send you a few samples via Priority Mail so that you can confirm before your kit is manufactured. OR you can order one of our Leather Samples Book to be 100% sure - and it includes all of the exotic and custom materials only available from Katzkin. With the disparity in monitor quality we know that it can be tough to make an important choice like your vehicles leather interior color while staring at a screen. Best of all you can return the book within 90 days and get a refund on it!

Can I get my own logo embroidered on my seat

Katzkin has a great selection of logos that they can embroider already, but if you have your own, as long as it is not trademarked we can help you make it happen. If you would like to add your custom logo, you will need to send us a .jpeg file and a one time initial set up fee of $195.00 to create the embroidery. Each pair of your custom embroideries will cost $109.00. Just keep in mind we can't use anyone else's copyrighted images. And even if your last name was 'Ford' or 'Lincoln' we can't put it on a seat.