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Katzkin Realtree Camouflage Colors

Not 100% Sure? Order a Katzkin Color Sample Book

Includes a coupon code for a full refund when you buy your Katzkin upholstery kit from Auto Seat Skins!
As the saying goes, "seeing is believing". And believe me when I say there's nothing like seeing Katzkin's variety of color choices in person. From the rich tones of the Tuscany collection, to the wild variety offered in the Exotics or hot Suedezkins.

No matter how good your PC and monitor is, there are dozens of variations that can affect how you are seeing the leather colors on our website. That's why it's a great idea to use a sample book to make your final selection. The swatches will help you authentically see the colors, feel the textures, and is a whole lot easier to hold up next to your car's interior than your desktop computer!

Best of all the cost of the book, including shipping, will be refunded back to you when you purchase your leather interior kit from! That's right, we're basically giving it to you for free to make sure you choose exactly the right color for your vehicle!

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