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Credit / Debit Card Processing Information
Credit / Debit Card Processing Information
If your order failed but you see charges on your account, those charges are likely to be what credit card companies and banks call "pre-authorization" charges. When you attempt to use a credit card on-line, the bank places the charge on your account to hold funds until our processor accepts the payments. In this case our credit card processor, PAYPAL, asked your bank if the funds were there, but then declined the transaction for other reasons (incorrect address, zip code, etc) and the transaction is voided, but the pre-authorization dollar hold remains. This amount reserved against the credit limit of the customer's card will remain for a predefined period of time until it is expired by the card issuer (your bank). This means that the amount is being held aside within your account and may make your available balance show that the amount was deducted, when actually it is still there. In others words, in a secure and safe environment, you entered your information on our website and in microseconds our processor spoke to your bank. As a result of the information you provided, your bank authorized the dollar amount and held it against your account, but declined the transaction based on the details of the information you provided. At no time has collected your funds, so we have no authority (or ability) to release them back to you.


It is also important to note that if you clicked the "complete order" button more than once during checkout, your bank will re-authorize the charge. Also, if you got an error message after you hit the "complete order" button and went back to correct the error before resubmitting your order, your bank will re-authorize the charge.

You should see "pre-authorization" charges disappear from your credit card account within a few days. If you don't, please contact your cardholding bank and inquire as to why the charge remains on your account. Your Merchant Service Provider will be able to inform you of their policies and the details for the exact length of this period.


If you were in fact charged multiple times for one order, please call AutoSeatSkins.comís toll-free Customer Service Hotline at 1-888-500-5133 so that we can look into the problem immediately.

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